Elin Namnieks

Elin Namnieks was born in the South East part of Sweden, in the town of Vimmerby, from where it is said that people are sturdy and persistent. This certainly rings true for Elin, who at the age of 21, has made hundreds of gigs and traveled half way round the world to record her first EP. That kind of devotion can only come from determination, passion and a strong love for music!

Elin was bitten by the music bug at 15 when she made her first appearance before an audience at her junior high school, after this there was no return! Elin also early on used to love to sing out loud when she and her mom went on road trips in the family car, something that many performers can also vouch to – and the car is an excellent stage to start with! She was also tutored by her dad, who taught her how to play on an old piano – making her early music development a family affair. Elin comments:

”My music and my songwriting got more important every day during my junior high school. It was my therapy to make it through the tough schooldays and it gave me something to dream about.”

Like any songwriter with ambitions, Elin is constantly looking to develop her style to find new ways of expressing what matters and what’s close to her. Even if Elin is always looking to expand her creative horizon, one can always be rest assured that her melodies are always fantastic. Often with a melancholy touch that is amplified by her voice that is rich in tone and emotion. It conveys the soul not only of the writer, but also the artist that is Elin Namnieks. Elin comments on her way of writing songs;

”I always keep my songs honest, writing about things I feel, have felt or experienced”

Elin is also working on upcoming EP with producer Anton Nessvi due for release 2017/2018. The duo is still pretty early in the process, but Elin hints that they are moving towards an ‘electro feel’ production wise. Elin also reveals that the new direction gives a fantastic backdrop to her words and melodies. The end goal for this project is to create an exciting, emtionally packed audioscape, where the epitome of the writing and the production combined lead to a culmination being greater than its parts – in short, for all the fans out there; it’s gonna be worth the wait!

The year is jam packed for Elin! Apart from having a really tight tour schedule, she is also planning on going back to Latvia – where her family originates from – for more collaborations and in preparation for upcoming releases. If this was not enough, Elin is also planning some exciting collaborations with other artists! So the calendar is packed and it’s safe to say that Elin Namnieks is ready and able to take on the world – which is just how she likes it!